Club history

The Illawarra Kareelah Orienteering Club was formed in 2000 after a merger of two smaller clubs – the Illawarra Orienteering Club and Kareelah Orienteering Club.


The Kareelah Orienteering Club formed in 1972 and was the second orienteering club established in NSW (the first being Bennelong which still exists today).  At this time it was decided that a new club was needed to serve orienteers in the southern Sydney suburbs while the Bennelong Club would serve orienteers in the northern Sydney suburbs.

Kareelah is an Aboriginal word that means ‘south wind’.  The southern Sydney suburb of Kareela is a derivation of this word.

The first president of the Kareelah club was Ian Hassell who is still an active member of IKO.  The club’s first event was held at Temptation Creek at Grays Point on 12 December 1973 using a hand drawn black and white map.

By 2000 the club’s membership was declining and a joint venture with the Illawarra Club was proposed.

History of Illawarra Orienteers coming soon!